64th District Court Home Page

welcome to the 64th district court. The 64th district court is a general jurisdiction district court that serves castro, hale, and swisher counties, texas. the main office of the 64th district court is located at the hale county justice center, 225 broadway st., suite 5, plainview, texas. The coordinator of the 64th district court is nancy carter. The court reporter is debra smith. The court bailiff is jesse canalez.

If you wish to view court settings for a particular date, click on "Calendar" to the left of this page and then on the date within the calendar. If you desire to view the current week of court settings, click on "this week" to the left of this page. If you want to view cases set for jury trial, click on either Hale county, castro county, or swisher county to the left under "jury dockets."

-Judge Kinkaid

District Judge Robert W. Kinkaid, Jr.
64th District Court Judge
Phone: (806) 291-5234
Facsimile: (806) 291-5236

Hale County Justice Center - 225 Broadway #5 - Plainview TX 79072-8050